Virtual Machine and Web Server

Although I did not use my allocated virtual machine a lot I had no problems with it when placing my files onto the web server. I did hear from some others that used the virtual machines a bit more that they were quite slow, although I guess that is to be expected when connecting through a remote connection etc.

I used MAMPP quite a bit on my laptop which is pretty much the same as what we were using on our virtual machines.

There was one issue I encountered which I had no idea about, although this doesn’t really have anything to do with the virtual machines and web servers, when using a browser to access my assignment. Every time my site updated the .xml files the browser (I used FireFox in particular) would used the old one it had cached, forcing me to clear the history of the browser almost every time I did something.

One Response to “Virtual Machine and Web Server”
  1. gregc132 says:

    This is an issue with ajax. There are techniques to ensure that the page is always refreshed rather than using cache

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