Glasses-less 3D Technology

In the past all 3D forms of media were presented to the viewers by projecting two images on a screen and having them wear a pair of glasses which determined what image each eye saw. From these two 2D images – which each had a slightly different perspective to replicate that of the human eye placement, the brain would be tricked into creating a 3D image.

Now there is a new way to present 3D media to viewers without glasses through the use of a fine grating in front of an LCD screen called a parallax barrier, which essentially does the job of the 3D glasses.

The parallax barrier works by:

“… directing light from each image slightly differently so that at a so-called “sweet spot” about 20 inches in front of the screen the two images are separated just enough that the brain will create a composite 3D image.” (

The only problems with this technique at the moment are that the viewer has to sit at a particular spot in front of the screen for the effect to work properly, and that the 3D cannot be turned off.


3D without glasses


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