Leap Motion

  The Leap Motion is a new piece of hardware that is set to be released in may this year for use with personal computers that works in a similar fashion to that of the Microsoft Kinect except in a smaller, more detailed area. The Leap Motion consists of two cameras and three infrared LEDs … Continue reading

Virtual Machine and Web Server

Although I did not use my allocated virtual machine a lot I had no problems with it when placing my files onto the web server. I did hear from some others that used the virtual machines a bit more that they were quite slow, although I guess that is to be expected when connecting through … Continue reading

Glasses-less 3D Technology

In the past all 3D forms of media were presented to the viewers by projecting two images on a screen and having them wear a pair of glasses which determined what image each eye saw. From these two 2D images – which each had a slightly different perspective to replicate that of the human eye placement, the … Continue reading

Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live Workspace are both free, online document storage sites. This post will take a look at the differences and similarities between them.   Google Docs Any file regardless of format can be uploaded to Google Drive, although not all file types can be viewed in the Google Drive viewer. The … Continue reading

Mozilla Teams Up With Epic Games To Bring The Unreal Engine To The Web

  Mozilla has recently announced that they have teamed up with Epic Games to bring one of the best video game development engines to the web. This integration is being achieved through the use of a highly optimised version of Javascript which allows for the Unreal Engine to be ported for the web. Mozilla on their official blog … Continue reading

The Futuristic Vision of a Video Game Becomes Reality: Veti-Gel

The video game series Mass Effect contains an item in-game called Medi-Gel (above image) which can be used to do life saving healing on the players character and squad when they are injured. Although not quite the same (obviously) a group of students from New York University have recently created a gel called Veti-Gel which … Continue reading

Always Online DRM

Always online digital rights management (DRM) is an increasing problem for the video games industry. Always online DRM means that players have to be connected to the internet in order to be able to play certain games. This is done by the publishers of the games in an attempt to have more control over the … Continue reading

Augmented Reality

As technology continues to evolve so too do the ways in which we are able to mix the virtual with the real. Augmented reality allows for virtual objects to be represented on a device with a camera attached to it in 3D space within the real world,  in real time (see image above). This is … Continue reading


  AJAX stands for asynchronous Javascript and XML. The first A in AJAX stands for asynchronous which means that it is able to perform its tasks in the background alongside everything else that is happening, allowing the webpage to continue functioning instead of having to wait for the JavaScript and XML interaction to finish and reload the page … Continue reading