Getting Inside The Microsoft Kinect

The Microsoft Kinect is a piece of hardware designed to be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console. The Microsoft Kinect allows its users (the players) to interface with the various software and video games available on the system through the use of their body. Instead of giving input through the usual means of a controller the user is able to use their body position and individual joints to essentially act out the commands they want to give.


Microsoft Kinect

For example if a player wanted to move a slidebar or menu system to the left on the screen they could (depending on the design of the software) swipe their hand from right to left; or if a player wanted to turn off the console they could (again depending on the design of the software) wave goodbye to it.

Developers, both in and outside of Microsoft, have been getting inside of the Kinect and using its data to program their own applications – such as programs that automatically model objects in front of the Kinect, and games. The Kinect is essentially a camera which fires out rays into the environment and tracks where they hit, returning this data to the user in real time.

Below is a video which shows how the Kinect sees through the use of a piece of software called Cocoa Kinect



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