Online Storage Sites

Cloud Storage

Online Storage sites are designed to allow users to upload, store and distribute content without the use of external devices through the storage of content on servers in what is called the ‘cloud’ – computing resources connected to users via a network such as the internet.

Two online storage sites as such are Dropbox and Google Drive.


Dropbox Logo

Dropbox essentially acts as a large storage device – such as a hard drive, that is located in the cloud. Dropbox allows its users to upload any file type through the use of a downloadable application that acts as a folder on your computer or device (as there are applications for iPad and iPhone). The user can drop content into this folder to be uploaded to the server, and can in turn download content already on the server into the folder to access it. Dropbox uses an asynchronous form of storage and file sharing.


Google Drive


Google drive works in a similar fashion to Dropbox although there are some notable differences. Google drive, much like Dropbox, allows you to upload generally any type of file to the server through either a web browser or downloadable application for desktop and mobile devices. The big difference from Dropbox is that if you share certain types of files, like those from the Microsoft office suite, you can synchronously edit them with the people you shared them to. It does this by keeping track of what was changed, who changed it and when the change took place, updating the document for everyone each time there is an alteration.


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