Previous IT Experience


My name is Jeremy Orr and I am currently in my seventh semester at bond University where I am studying Computer Games with a major in IT.

In the past I have had experience with HTML and CSS, although this was in my first semester, so I am having re-learn some of the aspects of them that I have forgotten, as well as learning them in HTML5 and CSS3 for use in another subject. The websites I had created back then only contained around 3 pages worth of content with only basic interaction with the user such as through the use of simple forms.

I have also had experience with Java, Javascript, SQL and a little bit of C#. I am most familiar with Javascript due to the programming that is required during video game development in engines such as Unity which we use here at Bond. I have developed two games and are about to begin on third one in unity in which I did, and will do most of the programming. The last game I worked on will be going on the App Store within a couple of months. I am also currently working at Bond as a senior research assistant on a project that requires me to script in Javascript and C#.

In regards to SQL I have designed and created relatively small databases.

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  1. gregc132 says:

    Thanks for the background info

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